We do prototyping and small orders!

Kindy Manufacturing Company specialises in refined metal component design and manufacturing. We supply custom-made small parts, such as watch and jewellery components, optoelectronic components, automobile components and other precision hardware. We have advanced machines like CNC lathes and CNC mills. We have efficient production lines and reliable quality inspection, and can make from all kinds of drawings.

The company is registered in Hong Kong for the convenience of trade and bases its manufacturing in Foshan, Guangdong, China.   The base is called Jie Zhun Precision Hardware Manufacturing Company (皆准精密五金配件有限公司) which has operated since 1988 and currently hires about 150 employees. We are well-known in the industry in Guangdong and have served renowned customers like Samsung Electronics, Motorola, Seiko, Erison and Oplink Communications, and customers from all over the world including Australia.

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Fingerprint padlock R&D

Kindy Manufacturing is proudly conducting a R&D project for our first own product – fingerprint padlock. The above picture is one of our technicians testing a fingerprint-chip-driven unlocking mechanism.(Video: fingerprint padlock R&D) We understand there is a great potential market for fingerprint locks and the current products in the market are too expensive. Kindy Manufacturing … Continue reading Fingerprint padlock R&D

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