We do prototyping and small orders!

Kindy Manufacturing Company specialises in refined metal components design and manufacturing. Our current custom-made parts include components for wrist watches, jewellery, optoelectronic devices, medical equipment and multi-layer PCBs. We serve renowned customers such as Multek (US), TTM Viasystems (US), Schoeller (Germany), OBI (Italy), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Motorola, Seiko, Erison and Oplink Communications from America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Kindy bases its production in Foshan, Guangdong, China. The mother company, Jie Zhun Precision Hardware Solution Limited Company (皆准精密五金配件有限公司), has operated since 1988. Visit us on Global Sources http://www.globalsources.com/fsjiezhun.co

You will gain the following obvious benefits by working with us:

1. We have the best engineers and 30-year experience in precision metal machining industry. We have mature and adequate lines of CNC lathes and mills which we use ingeniously to achieve a level of difficulty that many of our competitor cannot compare;

2. We are middle-size company and friendly to clients with R&D needs. We do prototyping, small orders, and we can prioritise your urgent need if it is necessary. Our engineers can offer you their suggestions about how to make your designs in the most economical and reliable ways; and

3. We have excellent English-speaking staff. We ensure good communication between our engineers and clients so that production can be smooth and efficient.

We are your most ideal partner! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to realise your designs!

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